Where can I download Comicino Studio?

Comicino Studio is still under development.
We are working hard to make a first public beta version of Comicino Studio available as soon as possible.
As many of you have sended feature requests to us we have implemented many of your ideas to build a product you like.
When you subscribe to our newsletter we will keep you informed once you can download a beta version.

Currently I use a different AJAX IDE but I am looking for an alternative.
Can I use Comicino Studio?

Comicino Studio is a cross platform application builder to create Desktop und AJAX Webapplications on a single code base.
It offers also a Built Target for creating AJAX driven Microsoft ASP .NET websites.

Can I create native Smartphone applications for Android, iPhone and IPad?

You can use Comicino Studio Enterprise to develope smartphone applications. You can do all programming with the Comicino Basic language which is in large parts compatible to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. You can use the Form Designer and all graphical tools of Comicino Studio to develope your smartphone application. You can also built and maintain a cross platform project for Web, Desktop and Smartphone applications.
Once you are done Comicino Studio creates a project for Appcelerator Titanium Mobil. Under the hood it means that you project is converted to JavaScript. You need to download Appcelerator (R) Titanium Mobil and follow the Appcelerator guidelines to built you smartphone applications for different targets.
In order to create your smartphone application with Titanium you need to install further Android or Apple Software Development kits.

Can I create applications for Apple OSX Computers?

Currently it is not possible and we are highly commited to Microsoft technology. But we might add support for OSX Desktop Applications in the future.

What happend to the eLearning features of Comicino Studio? I don't find it anymore.

We are adding an IDE Scripting Interface to Comicino Studio.
This allows third parties creating new build targets or project types for Comicino Studio with its functionality embedded in a plugin.
The eLearning features of Comicino Studio will be available for all editions of Comicino Studio as a new Plugin which can be purchased seperately.